Unquadbium, also known as eka-uranium or element 142,                  

The electron shell of "unquadbium"
Chemical properties
Name, symbol, number: unquadbium, Uqb, 142
Element category: superactinide
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Standard atomic weight: {{{atomicweight}}}
Electron configuration: {{{electronconfig}}}
Phase: Unknown
Density (near r.t.): Unknown
Melting point: Unknown
Boiling point: Unknown
Oxidation states: Unknown
Atomic radius: Unknown
Discoverer None of as yet
Location discovered None of as yet
Date discovered None of as yet
is the temporary name of a hypotethical super heavy chemical

element in the periodic table in the superactinide series

that has the temporary symbol Uqb and has the atomic 

number 142. In the periodic table of elements, it is a

f-block element. As of 2012, no attempt has been

made to synthesize this element.