A transoganesson element is an element higher than 118,there new,but there systematic because they were undiscovered and has not named yet, first, starting with Ununennium, atomic number 119 , symbol Uue (also known as "eka-francium"). It is also the heaviest alkali metal in the periodic table. Unbinilium is the second element of a Transoganesson element, with the symbol Ubn and atomic number 120,it is also known as "eka-radium" it is also the heaviest alkaline earth metal on the periodic table. Unbiunium, the third Transoganesson element. It has a symbol Ubu and atomic number 121, it is the first of the superactinides, and the first g-block. It is also known as "eka-actinium". Down to the forth Transoganesson element. Unbibium. It has the symbol Ubb and atomic number 122. It is the second of the superactinides, it is also known as "eka-thorium"